7 specialist practice areas in criminal law

The legal aspects involved in any wrongdoing are part of the criminal law. Some lawyers focus on particular fields of expertise, such as the criminal law attorney in Brampton, to aid people in addressing specific legal concerns. Here are some critical areas in criminal law, and explain what they do.

areas in criminal law

1. Driving While Intoxicated (DWI)

One big area in criminal law is driving when you have drunk, or have taken drugs (DWI). Lawyers in this field help people who are charged with DWI. They work hard to protect these individuals’ rights and ensure the consequences they face are as small as possible. This part of the law is crucial for being fair when someone is caught driving under the influence.

2. Assault/Family Violence

Another crucial area of the criminal law relates to violence within the families. This includes physical, psychological, or even sexual abuse. In this field, lawyers also represent the victims and those accused of such acts. They do everything to ensure that justice is done accordingly. They also provide legal help for those going through challenging situations in their families.

3. Expunction/Non-Disclosure Order

The third area we’ll discuss is when people want to hide or erase their criminal records. Lawyers in this field help individuals clear their criminal records, allowing them to start fresh. This is important for keeping their privacy. It also helps by giving them a chance for a better life after facing legal problems.

4. Sexual Offenses

In criminal law, there’s an important area dealing with sexual crimes like assault and rape. The lawyers working here help the victims, and those accused of such offences get legal assistance. They ensure that all parties are treated justly and that their rights are well preserved.

5. Weapons Offenses

Another part of criminal law focuses on illegal actions involving guns and other weapons. Lawyers in this area help people facing charges for illegally possessing weapons. Their job is to make sure their clients’ rights are safe, and they try to reduce the consequences connected to weapons offences. This is crucial for keeping people safe and regulating dangerous weapons.

6. White Collar Crimes

There is one part in criminal law for financial crimes. This part is where you get fraud and money laundering. In this sense, the partners representing the defendants accused of white-collar crimes involving money and fraud are backed. They work to protect their clients’ rights and lessen the consequences tied to financial offences. This area deals with dishonest actions in financial matters.

7. Drug Crimes

Criminal law also covers cases related to drugs, including possession and distribution. Lawyers in this field help people facing charges connected to drugs. They aim to protect their clients’ rights and reduce the consequences tied to drug offences. This area is essential for dealing with issues related to controlled substances and keeping the public safe.


These are just a few examples of the particular areas in criminal law. Each area needs specific skills, and lawyers in these fields must know the laws well. Understanding these different areas helps us see the various challenges in criminal law. It also shows why legal experts are vital for a fair and just legal system.