Broken Garage Door Cables? Here’s What to Do

garage door cables

Garage Door cables are a crucial part of its system. They ensure the door is safe and continues to operate smoothly. A cable in good condition supports the door’s weight efficiently. Do you experience problems opening or closing your garage door? Is the door unbalanced when you operate it? These might be signs of broken garage door cables. Luckily, damage to the cables is fixable by replacing them. However, the job is not an easy DIY activity. Here’s what you should do if your garage door cables are faulty:

Suspend using the door

If the cables are faulty, the garage door will not open/close smoothly. Continuous use in this condition can lead to further damage. Worse, it can lead to accidents/injuries. It is safer to suspend use until you have fixed the problem. 

Check the warranty

How long have you used the door? Was it newly installed? Review the terms of the door or installation warranty to determine if the cables are covered. Especially if you have not used the door for too long. 

Contact the installer/technician

Contact the installation company or a professional depending on the warranty’s conditions and terms. Garage door cable repairs are hardly a DIY activity. Only a qualified professional may determine the actual extent of the damage. They will access the door’s system and advice you on the next steps.

Schedule repairs/maintenance 

Once the technician accesses the damage, they suggest the next action course. Ensure the door remains unused until the repairs are complete. If other damages or maintenance are required, it is an opportunity to restore the door to optimal condition again.

Signs of broken garage door cables

  • Loose wire hanging visibly

The most obvious sign of a broken cable in garage doors is the visible signs. You may find loose wires hanging about the garage door. You should call a technician to properly inspect the cables if you notice any wire hanging where the cables are attached.

  • Difficulty Opening/Closing the door

Some cables might be broken if the door gets stuck when you try to open/close it. Other faults can cause this symptom, but it’s best to contact a professional to be sure.

  • Abnormal noise

If the cables are faulty, the door might make strange noises when you open or close it.

Malfunctioning or inefficiency when operating

Commercial garage door may stop operating smoothly. It may take too much effort to open or close it. It may be too slow when closing, especially with automatic doors. In some cases, the door might jerk unexpectedly. This can be potentially dangerous. That is why you must fix the door immediately once you notice a broken cable. It is unsafe to continue to use it in such a condition.

These are the common signs of broken garage door cables. Other faults may share similar symptoms. But the most important thing is that these signs indicate a major problem with the garage door. Once you notice them, immediately contact a professional to fix or replace the damaged component.