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If you’re a Rutland based entrepreneur, you’re in luck. Not only are you in the same orbit as Cambridge and Peterborough, but you are also close to the capital of shires and country. And, with a population of over 160,000, you’re not alone in the small business camp. So, it’s no surprise that you want to know about the latest and greatest. Luckily, the Rutland County Council has you covered. The site provides access to a slew of business support services and resources. Whether you’re looking for new ideas, fresh opportunities or just need some help putting your ideas into action, the council has you covered. From one-on-one advice to advice about finding finance, getting in touch with fellow entrepreneurs to advice about the nitty gritty of doing business, you’ll find it all on one site.

The site boasts a wide range of business support services, including funding and grants, marketing, legal, HR, accounting and more. Using the site to your advantage is the best way to boost your business’s bottom line. To find out more, visit In addition to the site’s plethora of resources, you can sign up for the free monthly newsletter to keep you on track. Besides, who knows, you might just get an insider’s scoop on the latest and greatest. Moreover, the council is a member of the Greater Lincolnshire LEP, meaning you’re in luck.