10 Most common misconceptions about DUI convictions

All right, folks, it’s time for some real talk. We’ve all heard those quirky myths about DUI (Driving Under the Influence) from that one friend who swears they’ve got all the “inside info.” You know, the one who claims a good cup of coffee can instantly sober you up after a wild night out? Buckle up because we’re about to bust some of those wacky myths.


  1. Coffee will sober you up

While coffee might wake you up and give you that caffeine jolt, it doesn’t magically reduce your blood-alcohol content. So, think twice before hitting the road the next time someone hands you a latte after a few beers.

  1. You have to be driving to get charged with DUI

Being behind the wheel, even without driving, can earn you a DUI—intent matters. You can also get charged if drunk and in the driver’s seat.

  1. You cannot get charged if your car is parked

Wrong again. Even if you’re stationary, you can still be charged with DUI if you are in “care or control” of the vehicle.

  1. You can’t get a DUI charge if your keys are on the dashboard

Tossing your keys on the dash or wherever doesn’t mean you’re good to go, buddy. It’s all about that “care or control” again.

  1. Breath mints or mouthwash will fool a breathalyzer

Breath mints and mouthwash won’t save the day. Some mouthwashes have alcohol, which could skew a breathalyzer result even more!

  1. Field sobriety tests are mandatory

While you might think you can dance out of this, refusal might lead to automatic penalties, depending on local laws and lawyers.

  1. You can refuse to use a breathalyzer test 

You can reject it, but it comes with a catch. Refusing leads to automatic consequences like license suspension, which might not look great in court.

  1. You can refuse a blood test without consequences

Again, refusing might lead to automatic penalties. But remember, each situation is unique.

  1. If your blood-alcohol content level is below .08%, you can’t get charged with DUI

It’s a common threshold, but there are other things to consider, buddy. Even with a level below .08%, if you’re deemed “under the influence,” you can still face charges.

  1. DUIs are impossible to beat

With the right guidance, many people successfully challenge DUI charges. But it’s not a DIY job – you’ll want a pro in your corner.


Many myths seem harmless, but buying into them can get you in a pickle. Even if your blood-alcohol is under that magical .08%, you could still get dinged if you’re tipsy or on something. Watch out, buddy.

If you’re facing a potential DUI, don’t freak out or buy into those myths, eh? Keep your toque on straight and get the real information. Contact legal specialists who know their stuff. Because while a DUI charge isn’t unbeatable, it’s not worth playing fast and loose with your future.

Drive safe, know the facts, and remember – when in doubt, it’s always better to grab a cab or have a designated driver. Your future self will thank you.