How to add an extra personal touch to your Gift Basket

Gift Basket

All right, you’re planning on sending a gift basket. While picking up a ready-made one is super convenient, there’s nothing like adding that personal sprinkle to show someone you truly thought of as your friend or relative. Here’s how you can make your gift basket look and feel like it came straight from the heart:

Organize the items properly

Arrange the items in a thoughtful and organized manner. Picture it like a game of Tetris. Start with the sturdy stuff at the bottom. Then layer softer, more delicate items on top. It’s like making a perfect poutine – you’ve got to have those crispy fries at the bottom before you pour on the grave.

Add some colourful tissue paper

Ever got a gift that made you go, “Wow, even the wrapping feels special”? Tissue paper’s your ticket to that reaction. Go for vibrant colours or even some with funky patterns. It makes the whole basket pop and feels like a mini party before they even get to the goodies.

Tie a ribbon across it

Think of the ribbon as the laces on your hockey skates. It holds everything together! Whether you go for silky, rustic, or even plaid, that ribbon’s your finishing touch.

Add a handwritten note

No, we’re not discussing a quick “Best wishes” scribble. Share an inside joke, recall a memory, or tell them why they’re the bee’s knees. There’s magic to seeing someone’s handwriting, especially in this digital age.

Include seasonal items

Tailor your basket to the season or occasion. Valentine’s? Chocolate hearts! Christmas? Maybe some good ol’ shortbread cookies. And if it’s just a good old Canadian winter day? Well, some hot cocoa mixes would warm their spirits.

Personalize the items

Personalize, personalize, personalize! Picture this: they reach into the basket and pull out a cute mug… with their name on it! Or a bookmark with a quote from their favourite book. It’s like telling them, “I made this with you in mind every step of the way.”

It’s like customizing their hockey jersey. Whether it’s a towel with their initials or a journal with a quote that screams them, these elements say, “Hey, this isn’t just any gift. It’s YOUR gift.”

Make it yourself

Sure, store-bought is easy. But something you made? Whether it’s a beaded bracelet, a knitted cap, or your grandma’s famous butter tarts, it’s like sending a piece of your heart. You can tap on your creativity and imagination to create something memorable for you and the recipient. 

Add hang tags or note card signposts

Let’s say you’ve got a bottle of maple syrup (how fitting!). Instead of just dropping it in, attach a fun tag. A recipe for pancakes or a fun fact about maple tapping: these little nuggets leave a lasting impression.


Making a gift basket is all about showing the receiver you care. And if you need more time, give it a personal spin and order custom gift baskets. Because, let’s face it, we all appreciate that extra sprinkle of thoughtfulness. Happy basket-building, folks.